• Strawberry

    Now enjoy the real taste of delicious, mouthwatering red strawberries rich in Vitamin C with FRU Juicy Jelly Strawberry.

  • Kaccha Aam

    FRU Juicy Jelly Kaccha Aam brings out the craziness in you. Try it and see what it feels like.

  • Orange

    Burst into orangey goodness with the all new tangy FRU Juicy Jelly Orange flavour.

  • Guava

    One bite of the sweet & delicious FRU Juicy Jelly Guava will make you crave for more. So why stop!

  • Mango

    Enjoy FRU Juicy Jelly Mango, a candy made from real pulp. Happiness and health now go hand in hand.

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